DFBS designs and delivers what you need.

Regardless of your workplace language, DFBS can design a bespoke programme of learning that fits your organisation like a glove.

Bespoke training with Principality

Here at DFBS we understand that asking staff to enrol on an accredited sign language course is time consuming. ┬áThose structured courses don’t always provide the language that is most needed by your staff and customers until years of training has been undertaken. DFBS has many years experience of creating entirely bespoke training sessions to suit your organisation or company, teaching the language your staff need and use the most.

For example, your staff might not need to chat about holidays and travelling if they are working in a bank so we focus on language, culture and vocabulary that’s important for you, in your industry.

Designing a programme for the Principality Building Society recently, staff were able to enjoy a 2 to 3 minute conversation with me about my banking needs, after only 24 hours of tuition. In due course those first steps into BSL, can be transferred into the accredited courses, if certificates are important.

Here’s some recent examples of industries we’ve provided with tailored training packages:

  • County Councils
  • Hospitals
  • Care Homes
  • Banks & Building Societies
  • Police Forces
  • Golf Clubs