Learn BSL where you want, when you want!

Want to learn BSL but can’t commit to a weekly class? Using the UK’s first full Level One online course, you can now learn and practice British Sign Language (BSL) at your own convenience, whether that is at home on the sofa, at your desk in work, chilling at a coffee shop or while waiting for a train.

PremierBSL’s online course provides top quality teaching, focussing on precision and high quality teaching, designed completely with the learner in mind.

People learn BSL for a number of reasons, some because they have Deaf or Hard of Hearing friends or relatives and want to be able to communicate more effectively, others because they work with Deaf children or adults and recognise just how important BSL in their lives. Whatever the reason, this groundbreaking BSL course will get you off to a flying start, accessing the quality of tuition that comes with 20 years of experience teaching BSL in the classroom, and covering the full iBSL and Signature Level 1 syllabus.

No other online BSL resource offers such a comprehensive library of teaching.


PremierBSL’s pioneering group of online-only learners have successfully completed their Level 1 BSL Exams!

Apply now and you could be next to receive recognised qualifications from your sofa!


Learning BSL online allows you to learn at a time and pace that suits you. Being able to go back as often as you need until you have learned a sign perfectly, ensures that you are learning the language right, with complete emphasis on quality. Your tutor, Sarah Lawrence, has taken literally hundreds of students through Level 1, as well as higher levels, and it is through her tireless dedication to open up the highest standards of teaching to as many learners as possible, that has brought about this online course.

Registering takes just a few minutes and you will be able to start learning the same day you commit to the course. Registration lasts for one year and upon completion of the online course we can arrange for our learners to take the Level 1 exams if they want to. The exams are arranged and paid for separately.

Corporate Licenses

In addition to individual user licenses, DFBS offers corporate packages of 25, 50, 100, 200 licences at very competitive rates. We are also able to build completely bespoke courses tailored to include specific language used by your sector or organisation.

Perhaps your staff might not need to chat about holidays and travelling if they are working in a GP Surgery; so we focus on language, culture and vocabulary that’s important for you, in your industry.

Level 1 BSL (Individual)

  • Includes access to one of the largest online BSL video libraries
  • More than 60 hours of learning materials
  • Enjoy signed conversations on a range of topics

Level 2 BSL

  • Covers all the usual level 2 topics like family, activities, holidays and much more
  • Includes access to video library
  • Enjoy detailed signed conversations