DFBS – Bringing you and the Deaf Community together

BSL Taster Sessions

BSL Taster Course

A BSL Taster course is the most basic sign language course. It offers complete novices the chance to try out the language. Delivered in a fun but meaningful way, people have a laugh whilst learning. One young farmers’ group from West Wales recently commented that this was the best course they had ever been on!
Premier BSL

PremierBSL Courses

PremierBSL offers courses that are the pinnacle of BSL tuition; they are fully accredited sign language courses awarded by the Institute of BSL and taught by expert teachers.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never signed before or you’re already proficient – PremierBSL has plenty to teach you.

Translation Services


Having ‘signed’ the ITV News for 10 years, Sarah is an expert translator from English to culturally appropriate BSL. If your organisation is looking to provide information/advice to your clients, customers or staff via BSL then DFBS can translate it for you.
Workplace Support

Workplace Support

DFBS are able to provide you with the necessary advice and support to enhance your business and service delivery. We help ensure you are providing good access for deaf clients/customers/staff, and can provide expert advice for you and your staff on any workplace issues.
Private Tuition & Learner Support

Private Tuition

DFBS offers tailored one-to-one sessions for those at any stage of their BSL learning; looking to get advice, extra practice or work on difficulties together. Drawing on over 20 years of BSL teaching, our Deaf teachers can help you throughout your studies, and make sure you are best placed to do well at the exams.
Deaf Awareness

Deaf Awareness

DFBS run a lot of Deaf Awareness training courses within the public and private sectors. Deaf led, our training is comprehensive, but also fun and enjoyable. Buying in Deaf Awareness training will help ensure that you get the best out of all your staff members, have better engagement with the Deaf community and better understand your Deaf customers.
Accredited Training

Accredited Training

DFBS offers fully accredited training courses via the UK awarding body, the Institute of BSL

Whether you are looking for entry level certificated courses, or advanced level training, DFBS can provide it.

Bespoke BSL Training

Bespoke BSL

DFBS is able to offer you completely bespoke BSL training sessions; whether you work in a police station, coffee shop or Local Authority, we can train your staff in the language used by them in their work place. For example, working with Wales’ biggest building society, DFBS trained Principality’s frontline staff with BSL specific to the customer and cashier interaction.

DFBS: Bringing the deaf and hearing worlds together

Let us help you to promote equality and integration for all Deaf, Hard of Hearing and otherwise disabled people.

About DFBS

Deaf owned and run, Deaf Friendly Business Solutions (DFBS) is one of the oldest established deaf friendly consultancies in the world. A training and translation provider based in South Wales, we service the whole of the UK and wider afield, focussing on all issues around deafness.

Your training will always be led by a Deaf trainer, utilising detailed knowledge of the Deaf community to deliver the most comprehensive course available. This way you know they have first-hand experience of the same issues your Deaf service-users and clients are likely to encounter.

Sarah Lawrence, Owner of DFBS